Who are the Jaycees?

The Jaycees (or Junior Chamber of Commerce) is a group of young men and women that join together to improve their lives and their communities. Our goal is to provide leadership training through community service. The Individual Development area sets the Junior Chamber apart from other organizations.

While many other groups offer community service and social activities, only Junior Chamber chapters offer members the opportunity for self-improvement. By chairing a local project, a young person can practice organization, delegation, time and resource management, public relations and motivational skills. The Jaycees also offer training programs, usually at no cost to the member, that teach these skills. Even if a project does not meet its goals, if the chairperson learned from the experience, then it's not a failure.

The Junior Chamber of Commerce organization starts with the local chapter. This chapter will typically serve one or more communities. Mid County Jaycee Chapter members are automatically a member of the Missouri Jaycees, the United States Jaycees and the Junior Chamber International (JCI). Young people all over the world are engaged in Junior Chamber activities.

Opportunities for international training and travel are available to members. The Missouri Jaycees are divided up into 6 Regions, and each region is divided up into districts. Local chapters are grouped into districts of about 4-6 chapters. At each level there are officers that oversee the day-to-day functioning of the organization.

What do Jaycees do?

The short answer is: whatever the members want to do! There are no set guidelines for what kind of projects or how many a chapter must run. However, there are some projects that are popular and can give you a good idea about what we do.

Projects typically fall into one of 4 overall categories, or Areas of Opportunity: Business (Management), Individual Development, Community Development, and International Development. All of these areas are also dedicated to Membership Development.

Membership Requirements & Benefits

Requirements for membership in the Jaycees:

  • Members must be between the ages of 18 and 40.
  • Annual dues are only $65.00.
  • A willingness to participate and try new things!

Members are not required to:

  • Belong to a specific political party or religion.
  • Participate in a specific number of projects or contribute a required number of hours. Participation is encouraged, because you get as much out of Jaycees as you are willing to put in, but not required.
  • Attend every meeting or hold an office.

Membership in the Jaycees offers many benefits besides valuable leadership experience:

  • Membership in a National and International organization for no extra cost.
  • Social and networking opportunities.
  • Publications from the US Junior Chamber (Jaycees magazine), the state organization (the IMPACT newspaper) and usually a local chapter newsletter.
  • Money-saving opportunities on services offered by national partners like car rental, insurance, credit cards and publications.

How do I join?

Joining the Jaycees is simple, just contact one of the Board Members or use the contact form.

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