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Ellie Curran

I'm excited & looking foward to being the President for our chapter this year! A native St. Louisan, I'm happy to be working to improve my community, especially with a fun group of like-minded people. I joined MCJC in the fall of 2012, and was previously on the board as Secretary (2014) & Membership Development VP (2015). When I'm not spending my time with the Jaycees, I enjoy reading, traveling, and photography; I'm also a fledgling knitter. I work in public relations & marketing, and currently live in the City of St. Louis.

Management Vice President

Adam Hughes

I'm happy to be serving as the VP of Management. I joined the Mid-County Jaycees in 2013, and I am honored to be serving alongside so many fantastic young professionals.

Professionally, I am a Chiropractor at Kingen Chiropractic Wellness Center in Brentwood. We are a full service wellness clinic that provides traditional Chiropractic care, along with specific Rehab services, Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, and Brain Based Therapies. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, reading, constantly learning, Crossfit and any form of strength training.

Membership Development Vice President

Matthew Dunscombe

My name is Matthew Robert Dunscombe. I am of 29 years and live in Wildwood, MO. My most recent project has been a part of building a financial department in an inspiring racetrack in the Southern Illinois region. As my career has progressed I have found I enjoy learning new industries and being involved in the operations (I knew zero about racing prior to joining the team). The debate has gone back and forth through my head whether to accept positions offered in various CPA Firms or to continue down what I “think” is the path to become a powerhouse CFO…. My background education is in accounting. Prior to being a financial controller in several entities, I spent 3 years at a C.P.A. firm. Being brought up in a CPA firm has been my most significant blessing. My goal is to obtain my CPA this year. Furthermore, in 5 years I hope to have furthered my experience in several more industries and become the "go to guy" for businesses that are failing or looking for a new view on operational structure. By the age 40, I plan to have interest in several world-leading companies and hope to sit on several board committees. Being a part of the Mid-County Jaycees has inspired me to thrive for more involvement within the community and I look forward to my third year as a board member.

Community Development Vice President

Brian Stieren

I am super excited about taking on the Vice President of Community Development role for the Mid-County Jaycees. Many people talk about wanting to help out their community, but the reality is that few people actually take action. The Jaycees show that they want to help out. It is refreshing to see others my age having fun while supporting a good cause. With my time at the position, I will strive build relationships with our communities of Brentwood, Clayton, Richmond Heights, and University City (and the greater St. Louis area) and help our members contribute to the community. In my free time I am a computer programmer and am currently developing mobile applications that hope to improve the daily lives of everyone. Stay tuned to learn more.

Individual Development Vice President

Pat McEvoy

I am excited to be the 2015 Individual Development VP. I joined the Jaycess in early 2011 and have thoroughly enjoyed being a member thus far. It's great to be able to do community service work with others around my age, and you get great leadership and management experience at the same time. Professionally, I am an Electrical Engineer at CDG Engineers, a local consulting firm, and recently received my Professional Engineering License. Previously, I've held several board positions, including President in 2014.


Gabrielle Ruess-Kneebone


Mark Fournier

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